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  • A Look Back at The Past 30 Years
  • Board Members Throughout The Years
  • Historical Events & Data
  • Profiles, Members & Memories

  • A Look Back at The Past 30 Years

    1985 - 2000

    Charlene Misurelli

    Kim Foore

    Brad Clarke

    ?, Jay Park, Kim F.

    Kim F., Jay P.

    Don Mortimer, ?, ?, Dick Daeninck, Ib Moller

    Ib Moller, ?

    ?, ?, ?, Tony Brown, Forbes Newman


    ?, ?, ?, ?, Russ Terlesky, Dave Savage

    Back: Gerd Lucas, Gordon Grand, Cedric de Souza
    Middle: Kevin Archibald, Jerry Harvey, John Kingsbury, Garry Topolnitsky
    Front: Nancy Price, Pat Forrest

    Raymond Evans & Lunch Speaker

    Back: Ron Nichols, Dave Peterson, Erik Bundgaard, Joe Lovesque, Bob Piche
    Front: Ray Stauffer, Jack Willison

    Denis McGrath, Cheryl Pritchard, Gerd Lucas - Former Presidents, Christmas Social 1999

    Dick Daeninck, Dwayne Woychuk, Linda Green

    Joint PASC/PJVA ‘Direct Charges’ Task Force 1995 - Dale Foster, Carl Potter, Wayne Fuller. Missing: Bill Cromb, Helen Klien, Joe Shea, Torli Paulser

    Cheryl Pritchard: Program Director, Linda Matthie-Jacobs: PJVA Mbr, Sean Ohler: Co-author ‘100 Days in the Jungle’ Dec. Speaker

    Ib Moller, Jim MacLean, Kim Foore, Murray Feddema, Charlene Misurelli, Kevin Archibald

    1995 Golf Tournament Committee: Neil Walliser, Nancy Price, John Kloepfer, Jane Kerr, Dale Fox

    John Kingsbury, Ib Moller, Noel Smyth, Ash Khan

    Brad Clarke, Kim Foore, Ib Moller

    Norma Beech, Graham Collins, Jim MacLean

    Ib Moller, Kevin Milner, Pat Forrest, Simone Hambly

    Tony Brown - Past President

    ?, Tony Brown, Dave Savage - Fall 1994 Joint Conference

    Forbes Newman, Gordon Grand, Cameron Todd - Spring 1995 Conference

    John K, Dale F, Nancy P, Neil W

    Forbes Newman

    ?, ?, ?, Pam Medhurst, Margo Lebel & Ramona Holmes

    Gord Kublik

    Russ Tomlinson

    Cecil Gobin

    Kevin Johnson

    Ron Baker

    Ron Baker and Kevin Johnson

    2000 - 2005

    Luncheon, 2001

    Golf Tournament 2002

    Christmas Social 2003

    Golf Tournament 2004

    Christmas Social 2004

    Golf Tournament 2005

    The 20th Anniversary

    Past Presidents

    Golf Tournament 2006

    Golf Tournament 2007

    Kimi, Rick and Charlene at the 2008 Golf Tournament

    John Kingsbury and Doug Phillips at a Golf Tournament

    The Jack Willison Trophy

    Golf Tournament 2009

    Christmas Social 2009

    Golf Tournament 2010

    Steve Roberts, Josh Carter, Bill Wells - Summer Kickoff Breakfast 2010

    The 25th Anniversary

    Past Presidents: Tim Reimer, cutting cake 2010; Ib Moller 1996; Dick Daeninck 1990; Pat Forrest 1997; John Stayura 1991; Cedric de Souza 1997/98; Mike Taylor 2006/07; Paul de Villenfagne 2007/08; Suma Mathew 2009/10; Gerd Lucas 2000/01; Storm Purdy 2001/02; Insets: Nancy Price 1998/99 and Cheryl Pritchard 2002/04

    Summer Kickoff Breakfast 2011

    Board of Directors - September 2011

    Christmas Social 2013

    Golf Tournament 2014

    Golf Tournament 2014

    Summer Kickoff Breakfast 2014

    Christmas Social 2014

    Summer Kickoff Breakfast 2015

    Profiles, Members & Memories

    Linda Matthie - Task Force & Activity

    I can't believe the Association is going to be 30 years old — amazing!  I have wonderful memories of working on the original CWFOA Task Force and creating the first "plain-language" agreement for PJVA member use, being part of the Compensation Task Force and claiming out place in the Mercer Survey as JV Professionals, serving on the Board and so much more.  I loved presenting Affiliates use of Owners' Capacity at a luncheon with Patti Sutherland, lobbying to get analytical/administrative representation on the Board, hosting the Mini-Seminar sessions, and so much more.  I loved the lunches at the Commerce Club and all the great networking and relationship building we did at every session, but most of all , I remember the Unitization Course in Banff as being the most impactful.  I took that course early in my JV career and time in Calgary and found it to be infinitely beneficial, both in the information I learned about unitization and in the contacts I made.   Great memories of great people and amazing discussions.  It was a truly inspirational experience and the instructors:  John Stayura, Don Mortimer, Lloyd Arnason, Jay Park et al were amazing!  That must have been around 1990 — it made an indelible mark on my life and my career.

    Cheers from Cabo San Lucas!
    Linda Matthie

    Board Members Throughout The Years

    Historical Events & Data

    Golf Tournament Data

    Record Number of Wins

    Golf Courses by Year

    Jack Williston (First Place) Trophy Winners

    Record Number of Wins

    Macleod Dixon (Most Honest) Trophy Winners

    Record Number of Wins

    We are soliciting memorabilia, photos, profiles, anything you feel is significant to PJVA’s evolution. Please email or call Connie at the PJVA Office 403-244-4487