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User's Guide for Adapting the:
2014 AIPN Unconventional Resources Operating Agreement
For use with onshore unconventional resource projects in Canada
(excluding oil sands projects)


These guidance notes are intended to help the user adapt the AIPN Model Form UROA (the "UROA") for use with onshore unconventional resource projects in Canada, excluding oil sands projects.

These guidance notes are organized into three parts.

Part 1, the Overview, describes some key features of the oil and gas industry in Canada. These key features impact the whole of the UROA and should be kept in mind when making modifications.

Part 2, the Global Changes, lists some of the changes that could be considered mandatory when adapting the UROA for use in Canada. These Global Changes reflect the comments in the Overview and Canadian law and practice.

Part 3, the Commentary and Guidance Notes, is the section that will be more familiar to most users. It offers commentary and guidance on certain terms and provides context to allow the user to adapt the UROA for his or her particular circumstances.