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Emulsion and Water Handling Agreement

The PJVA Board requested from the Emulsion and Water Handling Agreement (EWHA) Task Force to review, update and replace the Model Well Effluent Processing and Water Disposal Agreement with the EWHA.

The goals included:

  • Aligning the new EWHA with the PJVA Model Gas Handling Agreement template. This was done by removing variable specifics from the body of the agreement, to the degree that it is possible, and make the schedules flexible enough to accommodate custom handling arrangements;
  • Update the terms of the EWHA for consistency with industry developments endorsed by PASC and CAPL;
  • Updating older provisions (e.g. providing notice using digital means instead of telecommunication/fax); and
  • Update terms where there is low industry compliance (e.g. assignment clause requiring written consent).

The resulting document addresses all of the stated goals above. The key highlights include:

  • A simplified Assignment provision (Clause 1212) is now standard;
  • Flexibility that allows for the EWHA to be used for a range of service requirements — from complex emulsion handling arrangements to simple water disposal arrangements;
  • An option for use of email or other means of digital communication is now included in the Notice provision (Clause 1209);
  • Update Audit terms (Clause 705), in keeping with the provisions of the 2011 PASC Accounting Procedure.

Task Force Members:

Marcel Savoie
Deidra Garyk
Beth Swift Hill
Tanis Kalynchuk

Industry comments that were submitted during the development of this agreement: Download PDF File