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2013 vs 2005 (2013 Revised)

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Gas Handling Agreement

A Task Force was set up in July of 2003 to review the existing PJVA model custom use agreements (Gas Processing, Gas Transportation, Well Effluent Processing and Standard Terms and Conditions) in an effort to update and capture any changes that may be required to align all existing PJVA custom use model agreements with current Joint Interest practices, processes, procedures and governmental requirements. The task force completed its work in July 2005. A new model "Gas Handling Agreement" was approved by the PJVA Board on August 16, 2005. In 2013, we incorporated errata's currently listed and some grammatical errors.

This model agreement is intended as a replacement to both the old transportation and the processing models.

The Custom Use Agreement Review Task Force included:
  • Mike Taylor (chair)
  • Marilyn McAvoy
  • Marymae Johnson
  • Nan Deen
  • Martine O'Connor
  • Betty Prideaux
  • Brian Zimmer
  • Caroline Williams
  • Bill Harvey
  • Brian Lavigne
  • Linda Lou Rung
  • Beth Swift-Hill
  • Al Rozak
  • Linda Green