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January 1996

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Product Allocation

The PASC Revenue Research Committee invited PJVA to participate in a joint committee to tackle production allocation problems. The PJVA Board of Directors was very receptive to providing support to work on improving industry allocation procedures. PJVA solicited volunteers from our membership and industry to provide technical expertise to the committee.

The Task Force reviewed and discussed the following issues:

  1. Facility Balancing and Measurement Deviation
  2. Rounding
  3. Product Owner Allocation Frequencies
  4. Information Sharing
  5. Level of Detail (C1 to C5 or C1 to C7)
  6. Allocation to Consumption Volumes
  7. Allocation Complexity
  8. Flow Path
  9. Theoretical Basis
  10. Gas Equivalence
  11. Hierarchy Considerations
  12. Reworks
  13. Settlement