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October 2003

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Unit and Unit Operating Agreement

Task forces have been active in rewriting the Unit and Unit Operating agreements since 1986. The original task force completed their work and got approval of model agreements in 1992 followed by a few changes and completion of their work in a report dated March 1995.

In 1997 further revisions were required in the Unit Operating agreement to reflect the 1996 draft model CO&O agreement being issued. This was followed by the 1999 model CO&O agreement. A revised Unit Operating agreement consistent with the CO&O was issued June 1999 and approved by the PJVA.

From 1999 to 2003 both the Unit and Unit Operating agreements were rewritten with a final product dated October 2003. The PJVA officially accepted these models in February 2004. The Alberta Crown has insisted that the Unit agreement model be used for some time relying on earlier drafts of the October 2003 model for Units in Alberta in the last few years. Many of the clauses in the model are at the insistence of the Crown.

Unit agreements in Saskatchewan still require the use of very old model agreements dating from 1972 and cannot use the new model. In British Columbia certain changes to the models are required. Saskatchewan and BC versions of the models may be created if there is enough demand at some future date.