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December 2001

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Dear PJVA Members,

There are some typographical errors within the various revisions made to the Statute of Limitation Clause within the various PJVA Model Custom Use Agreements and the 1999 CO&O Agreement, as previously sent out to the PJVA Membership by e-mail on June 21, 2001. The PJVA Board of Director's originally approved a revised Statute of Limitations Clause in May of 2001, due to the new Limitations Act (Alberta), however, we have since discovered that there are some typographical errors within the revised clause as follows:

The word "agreement" needs to be capitalized in certain circumstance, dependent on the use of such capitalized term within the associated PJVA Custom Use Agreement/1999 PJVA CO&O.

As well the reference to "four (4) Years" should actually reference "four (4) years", where the "y" in years should not be capitalized, as it is not the intent of this sentence to reference calendar years as would be suggested by use of a capital "Y".

Due to the above noted typographical changes, please find below corrected copies (Corrected Dec. 2001) of the various Statute of Limitation Clauses, that once again require insertion into your copy of the various PJVA Model Custom Use Agreements and the PJVA 1999 Model CO&O as attached herein.

Please note that there are no changes made to any of the associated annotations. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Updates (Zip File)
CO&O Clause 1109 2002
CO&O 99 Clause 1109 Annotation 2002
CWOA Article 23 2002
CWOA Article 23 Annotation 2002
WE Clause 1405 2002
WE Clause 1405 Annotation 2002
GP Clause 1214 2002
GP 1214 Annotation 2002
GT Clause 1214 2002
GT Clause 1214 Annotation 2002
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