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Upcoming Luncheon / Previous Luncheons

PJVA January 31, 2020 Leadership Breakfast
Pierre Poilievre MP
PJVA Luncheon February 20, 2020
Sonia Savage - Minister of Energy & Deputy Government House Leader
PJVA May 14, 2020 Luncheon
Fireside Chat & Election Meeting
June 2020

Fireside Chat & Election Meeting

1. Call for Nominations

Pursuant to Article XIII of the PJVA Bylaws, a call for nominations is being circulated to the PJVA membership. Nominations may be submitted to the Nominations Chair by any Member provided it is in writing and signed by two Members of the Association and the nominee.  A list of open positions is listed here.

Elected directors assume office on July 1.

To submit a nomination please email a completed, signed, nomination form to

 Nomination deadline is June 22, 2020.


2. Notice of Election Meeting

Pursuant to Article IX of the PJVA Bylaws, notice is hereby given that there will be an Election Meeting on June 29, 2020 to be held in conjunction with the Fireside Chat noted below. The Election Meeting will be called to order as soon as the presentation is over.



1. Call to Order/Verification of Quorum

2. Election of Directors

3. Adjournment



Preceding the election meeting will be a presentation with industry professionals as we discuss the joint interest implications of taxes on greenhouse gases from both an owner and producer standpoint.

Building on the success of the recent PJVA Lunch Panel on Carbon Tax Strategies, this fireside chat is to review some of the carbon tax considerations from a joint venture and operational accounting perspective. Our speakers will be discussing the complexities of how and where carbon tax triggers appear in a facility, how carbon taxes might need to be shared with the Joint Account, how carbon tax credits can be earned from an Operator and Non-Operator perspective, and implications on using carbon credits at jointly owned facilities.

 Check out the Recording here.