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February Luncheon - A Joint event between PJVA, PASC & GPAC
Kevin Jagger, Market Development at Pembina Pipeline Corporation
March Luncheon
Mark Taylor, Sr. Vice President Climate Policy Assurance (CPAT)/Closure & Liability, Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
May Luncheon
Graham Baugh, Lawyer and a Senior Legal Executive and Energy & Infrastructure JV Consultant
June Luncheon and Election Meeting
Panel Leader - Mr. Dason Wells, from IBM's Natural Resources Solution Centre discussing Energy Contract Settlement using Blockchain (ATB)
September Luncheon
Mr. Gerry Goobie
October Luncheon
Mr. David McLellan and Mr. Romeo Rojas
November Joint Luncheon PJVA and PASC
Dave Howden, Business Development at Red Dog Systems Inc.
November 2018

November Joint Luncheon PJVA and PASC
Dave Howden, Business Development at Red Dog Systems Inc.

New digital technology is receiving much publicity lately promising to improve productivity. As we contemplate technology like Blockchain for the Oil and Gas industry, it's important to have a good understanding of how this new technology can interact with our current systems. Joint Venture Representatives, Contract Analysts & Administrators as well as Joint Venture Accountants, Operations Accountants, Production Accountants all use current technology such as JIBlink, RoyaltyLink, RevenueLink and AFELink and others that are being impacted by new digital tech.

How do we currently digitize contracts and do they already act as smart contracts? How are BOTS and AI already being implemented in our systems and what are the changes to business processes? Some of the solutions currently in use in Canadian and International companies are under the umbrella of EnergyLink, but there are many more solutions that implement the same technologies. These technologies are the subject of this presentation on how we got to where we are and where the industry may be going.

Dave Howden has been involved in the design, implementation and support of Oil & Gas Accounting, Land and Production Accounting systems for 31 years. He is currently specializing in the electronic exchange of back office information between Operators and their Partners in the oil & gas business.

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