JV Certificate Program at SAIT

Good news!

The SAIT curriculum will begin September 2017. I know it has been a long time coming, but it is finally here for those individuals whom would like to take the Joint Venture Certificate at SAIT. Please be advised that the PJVA estudies program is not transferrable to SAIT. With this being said, PJVA has been able to create a process for those whom want to get credit for the Petroleum Overview Course and the Facilities Course.

Petroleum Overview Course – PTOV 126

In regard to the Petroleum Overview Course – PTOV 126, SAIT has asked that the following process be followed:

Click here for the Introduction to Facilities – OPMT 100. If a student has five years or more experience in the Oil and Gas industry or has taken a similar course; the prerequisite Petroleum Overview — PTOV 126 will be waived.

SAIT has offered some other options in order to obtain credit for the Petroleum Overview Course.

  1. Write a challenge exam if they had less than five years of industry experience. The cost for this would be $250.
  2. Go through the PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Request) process. The cost of this method is $150.

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Request)

Should a student want to go through the PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Request) process please follow the below guidelines:

To apply, all students need to fill out application form to our office along with learning portfolios, one for each SAIT course you are seeking credit for, which outlines your experience and knowledge in relation to the learning outcomes of a SAIT course. Please be sure to review the portfolio criteria document that is attached.

Portfolios generally include but are not limited to the following:

  • A recent resume
  • Detailed job description
  • Letters from employers/supervisors confirming skill level and ability in regards to the SAIT course in which credit is being sought
  • Samples/examples/drawings/blue prints etc. of relevant work completed
  • Proof of non-formal or informal training and education
  • Plus, any other documentation you feel will help strengthen your request for credit

Should a student want to get credit for the Facilities Course, the PLAR process is applicable for obtaining this credit.

Should you have any inquiries in regard to receiving credit for courses, please use the contact information below.

Leah Changhaseng
Program Coordinator
(403) 210-2017

Program schedule

Code Joint Venture Certificate 201702
Fall 2017
Sep – Dec
Winter 2018
Jan – Apr
Spring 2018
May – Jun
Summer 2018
Jul – Aug
PTOV126 Petroleum Overview
(24 hrs)
Sep 5 – 28
Jan 9 – Feb 1
May 1 – 24
OPMT100 Introduction to Facilities
(24 hrs)
Oct 3 – 26
Feb 6 – Mar 1
May 29 – Jun 21
PETR129 Joint Venture Agreements
(45 hrs)
Oct 31 – Dec 19
Mar 6 – Apr 24
Jun 26 – Aug 14
PETR156 Joint Venture Administration
(45 hrs)
Jan 9 – Feb 27
May 1 – Jun 19
PETR157 Joint Venture Analyst Level 1
(45 hrs)
Mar 6 – Apr 24
Jun 26 – Aug 14
PETR158 Joint Venture Analyst Level 2
(45 hrs)
May 1 – Jun 19
Aug 21 – Oct 9

Facilities 101 Announcement

Extra Extra Read All About It

The long awaited "Introduction to Facilities" course will be offered at SAIT in 2017. This course is just one of 6 required courses to complete the "Joint Venture Certificate of Achievement". Don't miss out on this exciting course described below.

Petroleum Joint Venture – Introduction to Facilities

Course Description:

This is where it all starts! An idea to develop a field for the purpose of oil and/or gas production to provide your company with cash flow! In this exciting course, for the non-engineer, you will learn a broad range of engineering techniques that affect field development, facilities and operations which, ultimately, roll up to the joint venture team to manage under an agreement. This course is an in-depth look at different types of Gas and Oil Facilities, as well as Heavy Oil Facilities. Each section covers off on Reservoir & Geology, Gathering and Processing, and Transportation and Marketing for the product you are producing. But most of all, you will learn to understand your engineers and apply that understanding to the Joint Venture arrangements.

Click here for upcoming courses that will be available at SAIT.

***Please note: If you have over 5 years of work experience in the Oil & Gas industry or have taken a similar course SAIT can waive the prerequisite. To have PTOV126 waived, please contact Leah.Chanthaseng@sait.ca**

This course is also now available online through the PJVA eStudies program, which you can take at your own pace, in your own space. Please find a link to our e-studies page here.