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September 2010

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PJVA announces 2010 Lifetime Awards
PJVA is pleased to announce two Lifetime Award recipients - Lynda MacNeill and David Savage...

Task Force Update
The PJVA Task Force portfolio is responsible for special projects as deemed necessary by the PJVA Board of Directors...

Industry Info
September 22, 2010 - EPAP Implementation and System Seminars

Welcome to the Board!
Welcome to Mark Young, our newest board member...

EAM Grads will bring amazing capabilities to your company, starting in May 2011...

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PJVA announces 2010 Lifetime Awards

PJVA is pleased to announce two Lifetime Award recipients - Lynda MacNeill and David Savage. Congratulations to these members, who have made significant long term contributions to the Association.

Lynda MacNeill

Lynda MacNeill is a recipient because of her significant contributions over many years to the education of joint ventures people and her on-going mentoring to many in industry. She is the industry "go to" person on joint venture accounting matters because of her long-term involvement with PASC and in-depth knowledge of JV Accounting, Audit and Agreements. She was instrumental in the creation of the first Accounting Procedure that was workable for both land and joint interest agreements. Here is a partial listing of her accomplishments:
  • 1996 CO&O Agreement Task Force - Lynda wrote the cost sharing and structure of the joint account appendix provisions including annotations;
  • PJVA luncheon presentation on PASC Accounting Procedure;
  • Developed and presented a PJVA workshop on the unit agreement and unit operating agreement administration in conjunction with Glen Kinney;
  • Developed in conjunction with Glen Kinney the Unit Agreements Administration Course for the PJVA Mount Royal Certificate Program;
  • Has taught over the years in the PJVA Mount Royal Certificate Program;
  • Has given presentations for the PJVA Early Morning Discussion Group and contributed to ideas on topics;
  • Developed and rewrote modules for the PJVA Mount Royal Joint Interest Analyst Certificate Program (JV Audit and Operating Costs modules);
  • Presentations to CAPPA and CAPL on Joint Venture agreements;
  • Currently working with Linda Matthie generating ideas for mini-seminars on Joint Venture topics;
  • Executive member and Treasurer of C2C.

A PJVA member since 1988, Lynda provides a valuable liaison between PJVA and CAPL and ensures that Joint Venture business issues are appropriately addressed in PASC documents and the PASC Accounting Procedure.

Lynda's current role at Encana is Joint Interest Analyst. During the times when she was not directly involved in a JV role, Lynda was able to keep current on joint venture issues through her ongoing participation in industry associations such as PJVA, for which she is grateful. Lynda says "Unfortunately I haven't participated at the Board level, as (to be honest) with all the various industry initiatives I've been involved with, I guess I haven't had time!"

David B. Savage
Savage Management Ltd.

A successful negotiator, leader, entrepreneur, explorer, trail maker, capacity builder and connector, Dave is our second Lifetime Award winner for 2010.

David's contributions to PJVA and the industry include:

  • PJVA President 1991/92, on the Board for a total of four years;
  • has presented numerous seminars for PJVA on negotiations;
  • assisted with MRU JV conflict management sessions;
  • received CAPL Distinguished Citizen Award 2003;
  • Member of industry task forces responsible for developing:
    - CAPL 1990 and 2007 Operating Procedures
    - JP-05 Gas Processing negotiation framework
    - PJVA Gas Processing Agreement
David is passionate about the inclusive multiprofessional and collaborative nature of PJVA. His focus is on transformative negotiation and leadership.

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Task Force Update

Trevor Ross, Task Force Director

The PJVA Task Force portfolio is responsible for special projects as deemed necessary by the PJVA Board of Directors. There are several committees under this portfolio.

Model agreements are an important part of daily work lives and the Agreement Monitoring Committee performs a critical role in their development and maintenance. This standing committee meets monthly and includes the following members:
Marilyn McAvoy
Martine O'Connor
Jan McLean
Mike Taylor
Karen Hall
Richelle Lindsay
Trevor Ross (PJVA Board Representative)

They are charged with the review and maintenance of existing model agreements as well as the identification of additional required model agreements. The committee is also responsible for monitoring the use of the PJVA model agreements and the need for education or discussion of the model agreements. The Agreement Monitoring Committee is reviewing consistency issues between the different PJVA model agreements and common alterations to the PJVA models.

It is essential that all PJVA members have a say in the agreements we use on a daily basis. Issues with the current PJVA model agreements, questions about model wording and of potential new model agreements may be referred to any member of the Agreement Monitoring Committee.

At the request of membership, a Tie In Agreement Committee was formed to write a new PJVA model agreement governing the tie in of new wells to an existing facility. This committee meets monthly and includes the following members:
Joan Lee
Dan McCormack
John Rothwell
Suzanne Oliver
Rose Schellenberg
Tracy McKim

They reviewed and compared agreements currently in use and successfully delivered a first draft of the model agreement to the PJVA Board of Directors in the spring of 2010. A final version is expected to be ready to go to general membership later in 2010. A third committee of note is the EHA Agreement Committee, which is making progress with updating the Emulsion Handling Agreement, with a goal of making it consistent with the new Gas Handling Agreement:
Marcel Savoie
Beth Swift-Hill
Deidra Garyk
Tanis Kalynchuk

The PJVA membership has requested a new PJVA model agreement governing the provision of well administration services. A new committee is expected to be formed in 2010. The proposed model agreement will include a definition of what is included in well administration services. Anyone wishing to volunteer for this committee should contact Trevor Ross.

The membership has also expressed an interest in updating several clauses and/or exhibits of the 1999 Model CO&O Agreement. The Agreement Monitoring Committee is working on creating a priority list and will have another call for volunteers later in the year to form subcommittees to tackle on an individual basis.

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Industry Info

EPAP Implementation and System Seminars
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

EPAP Implementation
Implementing and operating the ERCBs Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) successfully is a critical aspect of compliance. In this 1/2-day seminar, Yogi Schulz will describe key considerations in implementing and operating EPAP for maximum value.

EPAP System
Using the EPAP System successfully is an important aspect of operating in compliance with EPAP. In this 1/2-day seminar, Reg Brehaut will show how to use the EPAP System efficiently, how to choose among the many options available and how to maintain compliance with EPAP. Also, an oil and gas operator will show a business intelligence application that is being used to operate automated controls that identify data anomalies.

Attending these seminars will help you to:
  • minimize the effort and cost associated with implementing EPAP,
  • effectively operate EPAP,
  • ensure compliance with related ERCB requirements, and
  • use the EPAP system effectively.
Who Should Attend:
  • Field operations staff
  • Measurement Specialists
  • Production Accounting Managers
  • Internal Auditors
Download a detailed Brochure and Registration Form

Corvelle Consulting Website

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Welcome to the Board!

Mark Young, Conference/Publicity Director

Mark has 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and has had a diverse range of technical, operational and commercial roles with Shell Canada. Mark joined Shell after graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering and for the first 10 years of his career held assignments in operations, process engineering and process control for refineries and foothills sour gas facilities. Mark's commercial experience includes assignments in Shell's A&D group, LPG marketing, Shell Wind Energy, and most recently in marketing and transportation as Manager Gas and Power. Currently, Mark looks after Land and Joint Venture activities for Shell's Foothills and Frontier assets.

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EAM Grads will bring amazing capabilities to your company, starting in May 2011.

September 22, 2010
Calgary Chamber of Commerce
100 - 6 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta
7:00 am - 9:00 am (Breakfast & Presentation)
Cost: $35 including GST

Join us for a light breakfast, a brief up-date on CEAMS, the EAM program and find out how the EAM summer students performed. Hear from their employers and supervisors about how their skills, knowledge and capabilities made them such remarkably productive and valuable summer employees. Also hear from a couple of the summer students on how SAIT's EAM curriculum fits with the realities of today's oil & gas industry.

Learn what course content the students will be taking in Year 2, and how EAM Diploma Graduates will benefit you and your company's bottom line.

Click here to register
Registration deadline: September 21, 2010

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