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August 2017

Editor's Note
JV Certificate Program at SAIT – Starts September!!
Pad Site Sharing Agreement – Draft 3 Ready for Comment!
CAPL Property Transfer Procedure – suggested for smaller deals – PJVA your comments are welcome!
September Luncheon
JV Agreements Seminar- September 19 - 20, 2017
JP-05 Workshop – September 26, 2017
Introduction to Joint Venture Accounting - September 28, 2017
Notice of PJVA Annual General Meeting
PJVA Membership
PASC Education Day
GPAC/PJVA Annual Joint Conference

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Editor's Note:

Hello PJVA members and Happy Summer to you all. We’ve enjoyed some scorching hot weather this summer with more consecutive hot sunny days than I can remember for a long time. I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy it occasionally.

Normally we do not publish a JVViews newsletter in July and August as it’s vacation time and there are no PJVA events scheduled. However, there are a several important announcements to make and September events to remind you about so we decided to publish an August newsletter to tell you about them. My request is that you take a few minutes to read through all of this newsletter to learn about the following:

  1. JV Certificate Program at SAIT – Starts in Sep 2017
  2. Pad Site Sharing Agreement – Draft 3 is ready for your comments
  3. CAPL Property Transfer Procedure – Draft 3 is ready for your comments
  4. September Luncheon and Annual General Meeting – Sep 13
  5. September courses
  6. PASC Education Day – Sep 20
  7. GPAC/PJVA Joint Conference – Nov 14-15

Thank you for taking time!

Kent Black
2018 PJVA Publicity Director

Table of Contents

JV Certificate Program at SAIT – Starts September!!

school boy

This is a reminder that the NEW PJVA Certificate Program, being offered through our partner, SAIT, commences in September 2017. We know it has been a long time coming but it’s finally here and for those individuals wanting to learn, grow, we recommend the Joint Venture Certificate at SAIT.

Program schedule (Click here to register at SAIT)

Petroleum Overview (24hrs): September 5-28, 2017

Introduction to Facilities (24hrs): October 3-26, 2017

Joint Venture Agreements (45hrs): October 31 - December 19, 2017

Joint Venture Administration (45 hrs): January 9 - February 27, 2018

Joint Venture Analyst Level 1 (45 hrs): March 6 - April 24, 2018

Please be advised that the PJVA estudies program is not transferrable to SAIT. However, PJVA has been able to create a process for those who want to receive credit for the Petroleum Overview Course as follows:

Petroleum Overview Course – PTOV 126

If a student has five years or more experience in the Oil and Gas industry or has taken a similar course; the prerequisite Petroleum Overview — PTOV 126 will be waived.

Some other options to obtain credit for the Petroleum Overview Course include:

  1. Write a challenge exam if they had less than five years of industry experience - $250
  2. Go through the PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Request) process as noted below - $150

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Request)

To apply, all students need to fill out an application form from their office and provide learning portfolios, one for each SAIT course they are seeking credit for, which outlines their experience and knowledge in relation to the learning outcomes of a SAIT course.

Portfolios generally include but are not limited to the following:

  1. A recent resume
  2. Detailed job description
  3. Letters from employers/supervisors confirming skill level and ability in regard to the SAIT course in which credit is being sought
  4. Samples/examples/drawings/blue prints etc. of relevant work completed
  5. Proof of non-formal or informal training and education
  6. Plus, any other documentation you feel will help strengthen your request for credit

Should a student want to get credit for the Facilities Course, the PLAR process is applicable for obtaining this credit.

Should you have any inquiries regarding these credits for courses, please contact:

Phone: 403-284-8881

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Pad Site Sharing Agreement – Draft 3 Ready for Comment!

We are pleased to advise you that the joint CAPL and PJVA materials associated with the 3rd industry draft of the 2017 Pad Site Sharing Agreement are now available through this hyperlink to PJVA.

This document reflects a shared belief by the PJVA and CAPL that the only efficient and effective way to address the growing issue of shared well pads without any agreements in place is to create a precedent document that can be used as a starting point for the vast majority of pad sharing arrangements.

The task force was delighted with the comments received on Draft 2, and we sincerely thank you for this. The comments and the responses from the task force have been gathered into a matrix that is posted with Draft 3. Names of commenting parties have been removed. The matrix will be sent to all companies and individuals who contributed comments. Nearly all the comments were used to make the changes in Draft 3.

Click here to see what the package includes and for deadline dates.

Table of Contents

CAPL Property Transfer Procedure – suggested for smaller deals – PJVA your comments are welcome!

The 3rd industry draft of the 2017 CAPL Property Transfer Procedure is now available on the CAPL

This standardized purchase and sale document is intended to be used for low to modest value transactions that do not have any issues of significance. The document also offers a significant simplification opportunity for sales or swaps involving only undeveloped land without wells.

This package includes:

  1. an overview of the project scope and the major changes;
  2. a detailed matrix that outlines all material changes and their rationale; and
  3. the text and annotations.

You can obtain a facing page presentation of the text and annotations by printing the PDF's in a double sided format.

We would appreciate your comments by October 3, 2017, so that the committee is positioned to finalize the agreement.

If you have any comments on the draft please send them to Paul de Villenfagne (PJVA Liaison) at

Table of Contents

September Luncheon

PJVA September 13, 2017 Luncheon – "Pipelines, Carbon, the Price of Oil and Alberta's Future — Analysis of Significant Developments"

The Keystone XL pipeline is in the news as next week, TransCanada will take what may be the final step in the U.S. regulatory process.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission will hear arguments to determine whether the project is in the public interest.

Dennis McConaghy, TransCanada ’s former Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development has insights into the road ahead for Keystone as he put together the commercial agreements for the Keystone XL pipeline 10 years ago.

Dennis was recently interviewed - August 8th - on NewsTalk QR 770 radio with Danielle Smith regarding Keystone XL. Click here for the full interview -

Join us for a talk on "Pipelines, Carbon, the Price of Oil and Alberta's Future — Analysis of Significant Developments" with Dennis McConaghy, commentator on Energy and Carbon Policy, Retired TransCanada Energy Executive, and Author of the book “Dysfunction: Canada After Keystone X” as he discusses the current climate for pipelines in Canada.

Click here to register

Table of Contents

JV Agreements Seminar- September 19 - 20, 2017

This two-day introduction level course is designed to provide an overview and basic understanding of the new Construction, Ownership and Operating Agreement, Unitization Agreements, Gas Handling and other agreements. The CAPL Joint Operating Agreement and PASC Accounting Procedure, as they relate to Joint Venture Agreements, will also be presented by knowledgeable members of CAPL and PJVA.

To achieve maximum benefit from this seminar a participant should either have had limited prior exposure to joint venture agreements or desire a refresher on current joint venture agreement model forms. Some prior exposure to joint venture operations would be helpful. Most suitable for individuals involved in engineering, land, operations, administration and accounting.

To 'Read More' or to 'Register'

Table of Contents

JP-05 Workshop – September 26, 2017

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • How capital and operating fees are determined using JP-05
  • Importance of disclosure, collaboration and negotiation
  • Case study for negotiation and determination of fees
  • Discussion of case studies
  • Regulatory issues relating to JP-05

This workshop will be in depth and include actual examples and case studies and is appropriate for anyone in a position that requires more knowledge in the negotiation and calculation of Gas Processing Fees.

To 'Read More' or to 'Register'

Table of Contents

Introduction to Joint Venture Accounting - September 28, 2017

This one-day introductory level course is designed to provide an overview and basic understanding of Joint Venture Accounting. This seminar will explain joint venture accounting, the different types and purposes of joint ventures and the accounting responsibilities of the operators and non-operators involved in joint ventures.

The instructor is Brad Clarke from JVSA.

To 'Read More' or to 'Register'

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Notice of PJVA Annual General Meeting

Pursuant to Article IX of the Petroleum Joint Venture Association Bylaws, notice is hereby given that the association's Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at The Bow Valley Club, 370, 250 – 6 Avenue SW, commencing at 11:30 am.

Members are encouraged to arrive early (doors open at 11:15 am) as the September luncheon presentation will follow immediately after the Annual General Meeting is adjourned.

Click here for Agenda

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PJVA Membership

Renew your membership

Don’t forget to renew your PJVA membership for the upcoming year!

PJVA’s annual membership fees are amongst the lowest within the oil and gas sector compared to some of our peers such as CAPL. PJVA membership provides great value for networking, social events, luncheon speakers, JV agreements and documents, membership directory etc. Attending the Annual Christmas Social alone, which is complimentary, can pay for 13 of your membership!

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PASC Education Day

PASC’s Education Day is coming up fast – Wednesday, September 20th at the Civic on Third. The theme for this year is ‘Great Expectations’ and PASC is pleased to be able to extend PASC member pricing to PJVA members again this year.

  • ‘Serving Stakeholders’ – Marty Proctor, Seven Generations
  • ‘Alberta’s Carbon Levy: The First Eight Months’ – David Crawford and David van den Beld, PWC Canada
  • ‘2017 A & D Lookback; 2018 A & D Outlook’ – Alan Tambosso, Sayer Energy Advisors

To see the full schedule of presenters and for registration information, please click here.

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GPAC/PJVA Annual Joint Conference

convention poster

Table of Contents

Upcoming Events

September 13, 2017 – September Luncheon

September 19-20, 2017 – JV Agreements Seminar

September 20, 2017 – PASC Education Day

September 26, 2017 – JP05 Workshop Seminar

September 28, 2017 – JV Accounting Seminar

November 14-15, 2017 – GPAC/PJVA Annual Joint Conference

More Events

Events Calendar

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