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February Luncheon
Steve Corbin, Executive Project Director - LNG Canada
March 5. Ashley Weldon and Tasha Wood-Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP
March Luncheon
March 21. James Cairns Vice President of Petroleum and Chemicals at CN Rail
May Luncheon
Martin Bélanger — President, Operations & Engineering at Pieridae Energy
June Luncheon & Election Meeting
Delbert Wapass, Chief Roy Fox, Brian Schmidt, Stephen Mason
September Luncheon - Canada's Energy Security
Dale Nally, Kevin Birn, G. Kent Fellows (PhD), Greg McLean CIM (MBA)
The Lost Art of Critical Thinking
W. Brett Wilson, Father, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist is best known as a “Dragon Emeritus”
PLAN B – A Discussion of Forward Solutions for the Canadian Energy Industry
Chris Slubicki, President, CEO & Director of Modern Resources
September 2019

Canada's Energy Security - Federal and Provincial Cooperation and the Energy Corridor
Dale Nally, Kevin Birn, G. Kent Fellows (PhD), Greg McLean CIM (MBA)

Discussions of Pipelines, market access, egress, regulatory burden and judicial challenges have generated concern over Canada’s Energy Security. A recent U of C paper has re-examined the concept of a National Trade and Energy Corridor and there has been discussion of an Energy Corridor as one of several tools to revitalize the Canadian Economy and the Energy industry.

Join us for a panel discussion of Canada's Energy Security- Federal and Provincial cooperation and the Energy Corridor approach with speakers from Government, Industry and Academia - Alberta Associate Minister of Natural Gas, Dale Nally; Kevin Birn - VP, North American Crude Oil Markets, IHS Markit, G. Kent Fellows, research associate at U of C’s School of Public Policy and Greg McLean CIM, MBA - Criterium Merchant Capital

Dale Nally

Minister Nally was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on April 16, 2019, as the MLA for Morinville-St. Albert. Minister Nally brings with him decades of private sector experience managing and leading business units that generate between 50 million and 80 million dollars in revenue. He has a Masters Degree in Education. Dale Nally was appointed the Associate Minister of Natural Gas on April 30, 2019. He will work to ensure Albertans receive the full value for their natural resources, and fight for more market access for Canada’s LNG to displace carbon intense sources of energy around the world.

Kevin Birn - VP, North American Crude Oil Markets, IHS Markit

Kevin Birn leads western Canadian crude oil market research services which includes the Canadian Oil Sands Dialogue. His expertise includes North American crude oil markets, crude oil logistics, crude oil GHG estimation, Canadian oil sands development, including oil sands cost and competitiveness, and Canadian energy and climate policy. Kevin has authored over seventy reports related to western crude oil extraction and associated environmental and climate policy, including contributing to 2011 National Petroleum Council report “Prudent Development of Natural Gas & Oil Resources” for the US Secretary of Energy. He holds an undergraduate degree in business and a graduate degree in economics from the University of Alberta, Canada.

G. Kent Fellows, PhD

Kent is a research associate at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary. Kent has previously worked as a researcher for the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health and as an intern at the National Energy Board. His current research focuses on economics as applied to the construction and use of large-scale models of inter-sector and interprovincial trade within Canada. Kent is also involved in The School of Public Policy’s Canadian Northern Corridor research program, which is studying the concept of a multi-modal linear infrastructure right of way through Canada’s North and near North.

Greg McLean CIM, MBA

Greg leads Criterium Merchant Capital, the financial advisory of a Calgary consulting firm. Greg has over 20 years' experience as a financier, advisor & portfolio manager and Chief Investment Officer. He has managed portfolios of public & private companies and advised on corporate consolidation and transition activities. In addition to his MBA and CIM, he earned his B.Comm at the University of Alberta. Greg brings a national perspective to the discussion as he was advisor to two Canadian Cabinet Ministers - Hon. Harvie Andre, M.P. for Calgary Centre and Hon. Jean Corbeil in the Ministry of Transport. Greg has actively led government rationalization activities which included privatizing parts of VIA Rail (now the Rocky Mountaineer); preparing Canadian National for privatization; and divesting airports to Local Airport Authorities. He is a current candidate for Calgary Center in the upcoming Federal election.