Model Agreements

What is a Model Agreement?

It is an agreement between two or more oil and gas companies for the purpose of development and production of oil and gas properties. The agreement defines the property, most commonly a "production facility", the relationship between the parties and the responsibilities assigned to the parties.

Typically, a Petroleum Joint Venture does not include joint exploration activities, nor does it include marketing activities.

Descriptions of Reports and Agreements


At the beginning of each calendar year the PJVA Standing Committee will take any Errata's for the year past and incorporate them into a new version of the PJVA Agreements.

As members bring items or concerns to the PJVA Standing Committee they are discussed and if agreed we put the item or concern on the Errata page for other members to view.

  • Unconventional Resources Operating Agreement (UROA)

This is a proposed model Joint Operating Agreement being drafted by the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) to be used specifically for unconventional resource plays.

Click here to see a copy of the presentation given by Jay Todesco of Nexen Energy ULC and co-Chair of the UROA Drafting Committee.

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